Wesley Snipes Collects Tax-Free Booty

Wesley Snipes is really making the most of his dwindling freedom.

The 46-year-old Blade actor, who’s currently out on bond while waiting to appeal his three-year jail sentence on tax-evasion charges, has been loading up on tax-free freebies, the New York Post reports.

Snipes, who was sentenced in April 2008, was spotted at the Karl Feinstein Style Lounge at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah last week, enjoying the shwaggy benefits of fame.

Witnesses watched in awe as Snipes helped himself to freebies such as “Reebok NFL gear, boots for his whole family, a Bang & Olufsen headset and a year’s subscription to Netflix,” according to the paper’s mole. “He passed on a number of free goodies, but he didn’t ask the value of any thing he left with.”

Hmm; so presumably, he won’t be declaring the items on his tax return next year. Will you ever learn, Wesley Snipes?

The Style Lounge wasn’t the only stop that Snipes made during the film festival. Onlookers also spotted him at the after-party for action-crime drama Brooklyn’s Finest at Park City’s “eco-friendly nightlife destination” Greenhouse.

According to one attendee, “[Snipes] showed no sign that his pending jail time bothered him.”

Well, why should he be worried? With all of those goodies, Snipes will be the most popular boy in his cell block.