Camilla Belle Condemns ‘Twilight’ ‘Nonsense’

Do the Twilight franchise’s troubles extend beyond its revolving-door policy toward its cast and crew?

In the latest issue of Nylon magazine, 10,000 B.C. actress Camilla Belle—who’s been known to share a good time or two with Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson—claims that the movie’s stars were put through a grueling “media training” process.

Certainly, a young woman who, as a 19-year-old, acted out a semi-incestuous father-daughter relationship across from high intensity actor Daniel Day-Lewis in The Ballad of Jack and Rose knows about grueling process. And that’s what Camilla Belle did.

So she has a right to speak out against grueling where she sees grueling.

“My friend Rob, for that whole Twilight nonsense, the studio was having them take all these classes,” says Belle, 22, who’s currently thought to be dating 19-year-old Joe Jonas. “It was the most frustrating thing in the world because they want you to speak like someone else, not yourself. It’s so silly. And I would be frustrated, too.”

Well, to be fair, the media training might have been necessary. Suddenly being thrust into the spotlight no doubt led to a situation where Pattinson, 22, felt a certain degree of nervousness.

And, given that he’s now making $12 million per Twilight flick, RPattz can afford to act like it doesn’t bother him.

Besides, being made to attend a few media-training classes can’t be nearly as irritating as having middle-age rocker women trying to foist their underage spawn upon you.