Fashion Wars: Sophie’s Choice for the Beckhams

Fashion has always come easy to David and Victoria Beckham. The gorgeous pair make international headlines with their work, play and red-carpet garments.

Yet the dreaded time has come for the duo, who drape everything from their own ranges to the biggest fashion houses on their well-toned bods. A line has been drawn and a tough choice lies ahead…

Giorgio Armani or Dolce & Gabbana?

Scandal erupted from the menswear shows in Milan this week over a pair of black quilted pants D&G sent down the catwalk, much to the chagrin of tanned fashion emperor Armani who showed a similar look last June.

“Now they copy me. Tomorrow they will learn,” Armani told reporters after his own Milan showing for his Emporio collection.

“We surely have plenty to learn, but certainly not from him,” the heads of D&G, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, responded in a statement Tuesday.

Forget retailers, editors and fashion fans everywhere. Posh and Becks emerge the clear victims of this riff. Why?

The pair have long been friends with Armani, vacationing on his yacht and donning his looks to innumerable events throughout their rise to fame. The design king even has them both on payroll hocking undies.

Yet the ties between the Beckhams, especially Victoria, have only been strengthening with the D&G duo of late. Posh regularly wears their kittenish evening looks and even hit up their recent restaurant opening.

While peace negotiations between the rivaling designers could potentially go down, you tell us in the poll: which well-heeled camp would you rather see the Beckhams flee to?