Kim Kardashian Is Gonna Work it All Out

Guess Kim Kardashian really is serious about whipping herself into shape.

The 28-year-old reality-TV vixen hit up a Ralphs supermarket in Beverly Hills Wednesday and bought some flowers before jetting off to her dance studio—where she’s been logging some serious hours lately.

This time, the fashion guru displayed her dedication to physical fitness by toting around a toning ring—a device that helps improve muscle tone, endurance and coordination.

Kardashian recently told paps that she’s working out extra-hard to prepare for her line of workout videos, explaining, “I’m getting ready for my new fitness DVD; I’m gearing up for it.”

But perhaps she also wants to make sure she looks her best for the upcoming Razzie Awards ceremony? Or a more intimate appearance?

Either way, her exercise program is already working wonders. She’s even been spotted effortlessly doing flips lately.