Shia LaBeouf: Why So Sad?

Here’s Shia LaBeouf sitting on the stoop of a friend’s house in the sleepy suburb of Glendale, California.

He’s smoking a lonesome cigarette, and at one point he cradles his head in his hands. What’s wrong, Shi?

Well, the low mood probably has something to do with the news that his driver’s license has been suspended for one year due to his crashing-after-clubbing accident back in July.

No stranger to car trouble Shia, 22, “refused a chemical test” at the scene, according to Newsday. The refusal of the test was the reason for the license suspension, which went into effect on January 17.

LaBeouf’s truck was broadsided by a car at an intersection on Sunset Boulevard after a night of living it up in alcohol saturated environments.

Take a look at Shia’s truck all upside down, courtesy of Hollywood.TV.

Initially, the Transformers 2 star was booked for a misdemeanor DUI. But in September he was determined to be not at fault for the accident. Which is pretty much the only good news for Shia that came out of the collision.

LaBeouf’s hand was crushed in the crash, and he’s had to undergo multiple surgeries for the injury.

Note the colored wrap on his hand. The long recuperation period cost Shia his next job, losing him his part in director Neal Burger’s new feature, Dark Fields. Shia had been set to play a man who discovered a “smart pill.”

Luckily, the injury was creatively worked into the shooting of Michael Bay’s sequel to his blockbuster space-robots saga.

“We’re figuring out a way to shoot around it, kind of write it into the story,” Bay said last summer.

But career worries will only be temporary for the young star.  Shia seems more concerned with the fact that he’ll to employ a driver for the next 12 months, or take cabs to get drive-through.

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