Tila Tequila Has a Tasty New Girlfriend

Oh, goodness! It didn’t take pint-sized reality show beauty Tila Tequila long to move on after the sad demise of her romance with Courtenay Semel!

Why, here’s sweet A Shot at Love Tila, 27, squiring her latest lady love—some black-leather-clad goth minx—outside Hollywood’s trendy Crown Bar Wednesday night.

The legions hoping Tequila would give Courtenay, 29, another shot at love after their public reunion at Borders last month will be let down by this development. Back in December, Courtenay came out to the Hollywood Borders bookstore during Tila’s signing event to promote her love-life advice book, Hooking Up With Tila Tequila.

At the time, Courtenay, who is the daughter of former Yahoo! head Terry Semel, said: “I came down to support my girlfriend.”

Alas, she must have been using the term “girlfriend” loosely.

But look at the bright side: At least Tila’s keeping her tongue busy.

But seeing the wise authoress with a sexy new maiden on her arm, you have to wonder—does Tequila practice what she preaches in the love department? After all, her advice is to not have sex if you want a relationship to get serious.

Is Tequila full of hot air? Go to comments and dump your evidence or mount your defense.