VIDEO: Paula Abdul Freaks Out ‘AI’ Contestant

Paula Abdul is apparently feeling a little jumpy after rejected American Idol contestant/stalker Paula Goodspeed killed herself outside of Abdul’s house last November.

On Wednesday night’s episode of American Idol, the 46-year-old former “Straight Up” singer found herself unnerved after a seemingly innocuous farewell from a rejected contestant.

Mark Mudd, who performed George Jones’ “White Lightning” for the panel of judges at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, was roundly, and fairly cattily, rejected by all four arbiters. Simon Cowell suggested that the 25-year-old would be better off competing on Wheel of Fortune.

“All right. Take care and be careful,” Mudd muttered as ambled off the stage.

At which point Abdul freaked out.

“What?” a seemingly shocked Paula replied.

“Be careful in whatever you do,” Mudd repeated, his voice an uncanny re-creation of Billy Bob Thornton’s in Sling Blade.

“Was that a threat?” Abdul replied. “That was a threat.”

Abdul went on to caution Mudd that his sign-off was “not a normal thing to say to people.” Check out video of the exchange below:

Maybe Abdul was over-reacting, and Mudd was merely warning her that starring in RAH! Paula Abdul’s Cheerleading Bowl may not be the best idea?

Have your say in the comments section: Was Paula Abdul being over-dramatic, or was her fear justified?