VIDEO: That’s How Miley Cyrus Rolls, Yo

Miley Cyrus is really on a roll these days.

The 16-year-old messy-hair maven and Pilates princess ducked out to Mo’s restaurant in Toluca Lake, California, with her 20-year-old boyfriend, skivvies-model Justin Gaston, on Wednesday. 

Later, the Hannah Montana sensation, clad in a Smet hat, rolled off from the scene on her trusty two-wheeler.

A pretty modest means of transportation for a gal with a private jet at her disposal, but hey—that’s just how she does.

Speaking of how Miley Cyrus does, check out the video below (courtesy Hollywood.TV). Miley professes mad love for her fans and silences the various haters by dishing out a fierce freestyle rap.  She also demonstrates her knowledge of British heavy-metal veterans Iron Maiden, who’ve sometimes informed her fashion choices:

Whoa; that was hardcore, yo. Girlfriend must have gone to see Notorious this week. 50 Cent better watch his back.