When Rachel McAdams Smooched Josh Lucas

Rachel McAdams reportedly celebrated Barack Obama’s inauguration in Washington, D.C., by planting one on the lips of actor Josh Lucas.

This might mean that the Mean Girls starlet’s fickle romance with The Notebook costar Ryan Gosling is dead and buried for good.

Gatecrasher reports that the actress, starring alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in director Guy Ritchie’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes flick, attended the Purple Ball with Lucas in D.C.

She was seen locking lips with the Sweet Home Alabama star, 37, perhaps enticed by his million-dollar grin.

“They were so lovey-dovey,” says a source, “nibbling on each others necks, gazing into each others eyes and doing a lot of flirty touching.”

Rachel, 30, was reported to have loved and lost once again with Ryan Gosling last year. The two, who were spotted in Toronto having a breakfast full of canoodling during the summer, called off their second attempt at a coupling in November.

Rachel plays Sherlock’s arch-nemesis Irene Adler in the Holmes flick. Adler uses her feminine wiles to match wits with Holmes and undermine the elementary logic of his manly detective work.

Perhaps McAdams channeled Adler’s skills to corner Josh, whose relationship past includes a two-year stint with Salma Hayek and a more recent link to Anne Hathaway at the Democratic National Convention.

If Josh’s dinner with Anne at the Convention had panned out, McAdams might have had a different date for the inauguration.