Andy Dick Tells Tyra He’s Bi and On the Wagon

VH1’s Sober House premiered last week, and celebrity participant Andy Dick is doing the rounds to promote his stint on the reality show.

On today’s Tyra Banks Show, Dick, 43, and Dr. Drew Pinsky, 50, talk about the Celebrity Rehab spinoff. Andy in particular lets a few zingers fly.

“I know that I’m ready to turn a corner with my alcoholism because I’m willing to talk about it,” says Dick, who was arrested in July for drug possession and sexual battery.

He then gave the scandalous revelation that he’s “tri-sexual.”

“I’ll try anything,” he tells Tyra Banks. “I really have tried everything, except nothing with animals. There’s only room for one animal—that would be me.”

The comedian admitted to being attracted to both men and women—something that’s sure to shock the planet.

“I say, ‘I’m bi, my love knows no gender,’ and the straight community says, ‘Oh right, that’s just a cover-up—you’re gay!'” says Andy.

“And the gay community says, ‘Yeah right, that’s just a cover-up—you’re gay.”

Despite this, Andy certainly doesn’t seem to have a problem getting, er, leied.

“I’ve never been monogamous with a man,” says Dick. “When I’m with men, usually I’m out of my mind drinking.”

Hmmm. Has Andy been hanging out with Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke, by chance?