Former Jolie-Pitt Bodyguard Shopping Tell-All

Batten down, Benjamin Button. It may not be all family bliss and Oscar gold for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

InTouch magazine has some pretty explosive speculation this week. Apparently, Mickey Brett, a longtime Jolie bodyguard formerly in the employ of Nicole Kidman, is ready to sing like a bird over his tenure with the pair.

Among the delicious (and potentially litigious) dirt on Brad, 45, and 33-year-old Angie that Brett is pimping out as fact to prospective publishers:

  • Angelina used kinky toys and costumes to indulge Brad’s every fantasy on the Mr. & Mrs. Smith set, thus luring him away from Jennifer Aniston.
  • Bodyguard Brett and Jolie would often poke fun at 40-year-old Pitt’s general lack of knowledge on many topics.
  • Angelina has coordinated affairs while with Brad, including an alleged series of trysts with a female pop star: “Mickey set up at least 20 secret meetings for Angie with this woman at hotels when Brad was working,” a source tells the mag.

The power couple may not be able to block publication—Brett is said to have been contracted without a confidentiality agreement.

On the other side of the coin, however, Brett hasn’t the rosiest past. He was once questioned in a murder case, was accused of using intimidation and racial slurs on the set of A Mighty Heart and has been caught on film choking a paparazzi.

Sounds like a perfect Wrestler follow-up role for Mickey Rourke!

Fret not for Brad and Angie, though. They know how to play by the rules of fame.