Gliding or Sliding? President Obama Tops Kelly Rutherford

It’s pretty safe to say that President Barack Obama just had the best week of his LIFE. Let’s see how his Inauguration went:

Everybody assumed Gossip Girl resident MILF Kelly Rutherford, 40, lived the perfect life, especially with last month’s news that she was expecting her second child with hubbie Daniel Giersch. However, things are never as they appear. Kelly’s week was nothing but D-R-A-M-A:

  • After Kelly revealed a few weeks ago that she was getting divorced, there has been a bitter “he said-she said” between her and ex Daniel regarding custody of their 2-year-old son Hermes
  • The accusations are pretty scary—Kelly claims that she’s called the cops on Giersch on two separate occasions, after he threatened her with physical violence and claims that he was going to take their son to another country! 
  • Giersch, on the other hand, claims that Rutherford is too engrossed in her work on the set of GG to care for their son in a proper fashion!
  • On Friday, the couple met in court, where Kelly insisted that she’d choose her son over work, but needs to continue on the set in order to support the family since her ex doesn’t work! Ouch!
  • Kelly’s tactics seemed to succeed, as the judge has ruled that she CAN take Hermes to NYC with her! XOXO