Hayden’s Dad: No Contest on Battery Charges

Even Heroes have a bad day.

That day in particular came for a 19-year-old Hayden Panettiere last August, when the star’s father Alan Panettiere was taken into police custody.

His arrest stemmed form a domestic violence complaint filed by Hayden’s mother Lesley Panettiere. On-scene reports indicated that Alan had struck his wife after an incident at a private party.

Five months later, Alan was on the chopping block, according to E! Online, appearing yesterday in a Beverly Hills court to enter a plea on the charges: no contest.

The former Fire Department lieutenant will face $520 in fines, is required to attend counseling and a one-year domestic violence program.

Lesley was also afforded a protective order stating Alan cannot “use force or violence…annoy, harass or molest any person or witness involved in this case, especially Lesley Panettiere or injure her property.”