Heather Mills Gets Plenty of Action

Heather Mills seems to have the secret to romance pegged.

The 41-year-old former model, who divorced ex-Beatle Paul McCartney early last year, tells the New York Post that her future prospects for love are rosy, despite the fact that, in her opinion, she’s not the most attractive woman going.

“I’ve got so many stunning girlfriends who can’t get a boyfriend,” says Mills, who currently lives in New York’s West Village. “But when I go out here, I get asked out all the time, and my girlfriends—who are better looking than me—say, ‘How the hell does that happen?!’ Maybe it’s because I’m comfortable with myself.”

Yes. And maybe it’s because she’s comfortable with a $50 million divorce settlement from her split with Macca. But if Heather keeps spending the way she has been, that allure will fade pretty quickly.

Of course, men may also be attracted by Mills’ charitable personality. Her philanthropic efforts include various animal-rights groups and work with the Adopt-a-Minefield project.

Whatever the reason for Mills’ success with dudes, she’s right about one thing: She’s definitely comfortable with herself. Any amputee (Mills lost her left leg below the knee after being run over by a police motorcycle in 1993) amateur hoofer who signs up for a stint on Dancing With the Stars is nothing if not confident. 

And that’s bound to help her in the dating pool.