Hulk and Linda Hogan at War; Show Goes On

On the surface, it’s business as usual for Hulk Hogan.

Here’s the 55-year-old professional wrestler and his gifted daughter Brooke Hogan, 20, driving a mini Cadillac Escalade around Miami’s Ocean Drive while shooting a segment for the forthcoming second season of Brooke Knows Best.

But behind the scenes, Papa Hogan, who’s real name is Terry Bollea, is squabbling with his soon-to-be ex-wife Linda Hogan in divorce court.

In particular, TampaBay reports that the two are currently duking it out over the sharing of George Cruz, a handyman who divides time between the split couple’s estates.

Linda’s lawyer filed a motion claiming Hulk has been making “unreasonable requests” of Cruz, which has prevented him from tending to her needs as well.

Sheesh! Shouldn’t 49-year-old Linda be satisfied with the cheap young labor she already has at her disposal?

Between his son Nick Bollea’s recent jail stint, his wife shifting into cougar mode and his daughter’s less-than-progressive world views, perhaps Hulk ought to come out of his semi-retirement and hop back into the ring full time.

At least he’d be able to get some aggression out.