Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson: The Real Skinny

In the weeks since Lindsay Lohan, 22, reunited with her 31-year-old DJ lover Samantha Ronson earlier this month, the two seem to be going pound-for-pound in a race toward undernourishment. And it’s starting to worry their pals, OK! Magazine reports.

“Sam has gotten so thin from Red Bull, cigarettes and stress related to life with Lindsay,” says a friend of Ronson’s. “Lindsay is bad for Sam’s health.”

Of course, the path to emaciation is a two-way street. The source says that Ronson’s stick-thin frame has rubbed off on Lohan in perhaps more ways than one. The two appear to be locked in an unofficial slimming-down competition.

“Lindsay is obsessed with her weight; it’s hard to be with another woman and not compare bodies,” the pal adds.

In all fairness, it would be virtually impossible for the two not to shed a few pounds, given their lifestyle. Frequent travel, familial stress and the calories burned from constantly lashing out at each other will keep off the pounds. To say nothing of whatever pharmaceutical factors might be at play.

Bit if they could somehow bottle whatever it is that’s keeping them so slim, there’d be no shortage of Hollywood heavyweights beating a path to their door.

Have your say in the comments section: Are Lindsay and Sam dangerously thin, or should they be applauded for not falling victim to America’s obesity epidemic?