Paula Abdul and Mc Skat Cat Inspired Today’s Pop Stars

American Idol judge Paula Abdul, wacky as ever, says that her videos back in the day (the late ’80s/early ’90s to be precise) have inspired a whole generation of pop stars, including Rihanna and Beyonce.

“My videos are like the almanac for every performer. Even Rhianna has come up to me and said ‘I hope you don’t mind.’ And Beyonce. You can see the influence of what I’ve done,” the “Straight Up” singer tells Showbiz Spy.

Rihanna begged Paula Abdul’s permission? Be careful what you do, Paula.

The former Laker Girl, 46, is convinced that her 1990 “Opposites Attract” video—the one where she danced alongside cartoon creation MC Skat Cat—was a big influence on the world of pop music.

Take a look at the Skat Cat clip.  Is there a connection with Bey and Ri?

“It’s really fun to see that I’ve left a mark. It was my idea to create an animated character. It takes a lot of focus, a lot time, and a lot of money,” says Paula.

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