Pete Wentz’s Fabulous Fur Boots

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy was spotted lumbering along in some furry boots at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday.

Future CBS star Wentz, never one to avoid androgyny, seemed content to be seen in boots that might ordinarily be something a woman (or an Inuit deep in the wastes of Alaska) might wear.

This is a look that might not help with Pete’s synonym problem.

Besides pushing the envelope of winter fashion, Wentz was also one of the many celebrities who was able to take part in history—namely the inauguration of Barack Obama as our first African-American president this week.

Us reports that Wentz, 29, who campaigned for the Obama administration, was at the Pre-Inaugural Ball on Monday night and spoke about how he feels his efforts were only a small part of it.

“When you’re at an event this large and when you’re in a city like this and you see the people who have done so much, you realize that you were kind of throwing pennies,” he said. “But to be honest, this campaign was proof that everyone contributed in small ways … [everything] really did count. Who would have ever guessed this a year ago?”

Pete also said that he intended to school his son Bronx Mowgli about his dad being present for such a momentous occasion.

“I think I’ll explain it to him many years from now, and maybe he’ll believe his dad was here, maybe not,” Wentz said.

But will he also admit to wearing mom Ashlee Simpson’s boots? They are Ashlee’s, right?