Tom Cruise: Mission Improbable

Tom Cruise, 46, has finally come to the same realization that everyone else reached years ago: He has a public perception problem, and it needs fixing.

Ever since Tom jumped on Oprah Winfrey’s couch and yelled at Matt Lauer, he’s come off as a little….creepy.

Cruise and his advisers have embarked on a multi-pronged campaign to repair this image problem, according to Star.

The magazine reports that Cruise:

  • Will stop lecturing TV talk show hosts about his religion of Scientology. No one likes to be converted on TV.
  • Will refrain from wearing dark sunglasses on the red carpet to appear to be more connected to the audience.
  • Will stop showing up to premieres in fancy cars because handlers don’t want him to seem arrogant during the recession! (Does this mean he’ll take cabs?)
  • Last but not least, Cruise’s main goal is to reconnect with his alienated female fan base.

Cruise’s formerly loyal ladies haven’t been thrilled with him since he criticized actress Brooke Shields’ revelation that she used anti-depressant meds to cope with postpartum depression.

Cruise will continue to appear on women-oriented shows like The View and will stop taking wife Katie Holmes, 30, by the arm.

“Tom needs to quit grabbing her and pulling her around. The idea is to make him the kinder, gentler Tom, not a controlling husband with a Stepford wife. It’s all very calculated,” sources say.

What do you think? Can Cruise overhaul his image or is he already too far gone? Give your diagnosis in the comments section.