Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale: Sullen In Public

Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens, both veterans of the late, lamented High School Musical trilogy, went about their week in Los Angeles. They don’t look very happy about it, though.

Vanessa,, 19, looking slightly bedraggled in a knit cap holding back her hair and an off-the-shoulder top, was a little down at the mouth while at the Baskin-Robbins counter as she ordered a cone to go.

There are a couple of reasons Hudgens could be down. One of them could be that this gorgeous gal is reportedly after her boyfriend.

The second could be that she’s not actually up for a part in the Twilight sequel, despite rumors.

Hugdens, who played female lead Gabriella opposite real life boyfriend Zac Efron’s Troy in the smash hit HSM movie series, looked to be a little ashamed to have been spotted enjoying some ice cream.

She hid her face with her purse as she went back to her car. She might want to stop hiding her face while she drives. Judging by the condition of the driver’s side, it hasn’t gone well before.

Vanessa, you should be proud of that. You’re a role model for young girls and it’s good that you’re seen with actual dessert as opposed to a Diet Coke and a cigarette!

Tisdale, who recently made the cover of Shape magazine, was snapped making a run to the Coffee Bean in Valencia, CA before a dentist appointment.

The Tis, 23, also looked unimpressed with life. She does get down sometimes. Perhaps the presence of her gold bag would have cheered her up. Her dog doesn’t always do the trick.

Ashley’s very busy lately, what with her new Disney deal to produce a show based on her life.

But not too busy that she doesn’t have time to raid Pete Wentz’s boot closet.