Attention Ladies: Prince Harry is Single!

Prince Harry and girlfriend of 5 years, Chelsea Davy, have reportedly broken up.

According to News of the World, the 24-year-old prince, who is third in line for the throne, allegedly split with 23-year-old Davy on friendly terms, after the pair decided their long distance relationship—and Harry’s lifestyle—was no longer working.

The couple was recently spotted on December 29, 2008, showing off their hot bodies at the beach on Mauritius Island, where they soaked in the sun and seemed very much in love.

However, royal sources claim that Harry has been seeking the advice of his father and close friends, and decided that a clean split was the right way to go. The source revealed, “The couple had a lot of fun but the relationship has run its course. They are still on speaking terms but the relationship has ended.”

This announcement makes sense, as both are extremely ambituous and have jam-packed schedules. Harry has just began an intensive training regimen to become an Army Air Corps helicopter Pilot, and Chelsea is pursuing her graduate degree at Leeds University.

The couple met back in 2004 through mutual friends, and have broken up once before for a brief period, also due to their long-distance relationship.

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