Shia LaBeouf: Full and Happy

Breaking news! Shia LaBeouf was spotted in his Glendale neighborhood, and get this, he was actually smiling!

Wearing his favorite jeans, and sporting some serious facial hair, the cigarette-lover was spotted leaving Bobs restaurant on Saturday afternoon carrying some food to go. And, of course, the 22-year-old still had that pesky cast on his hand from his messy DUI incident on July 27, 2008.

It’s refreshing to see Shia look happy, as he’s seemed rather depressed in the past week. On Wednesday, he visited a friend in Glendale, but rather than chatting inside with his pal, he sat outside by his lonesome, even cradling his head in his lap at one point. Then he was spotted leaving a liquor store a day later, choosing to cover his face with a paper bag.

While the young actor has probably been down in the dumps because his license has been taken away for a year, he does have plenty to be happy about. He just filmed Transformers 2, which is sure to be just as succesful as the first flick, which made $706.5 million.

Keep your head up, Shi!

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