Daniel Day-Lewis Drives Sophia Loren Mad in 'Nine'

Daniel Day-Lewis Drives Sophia Loren Mad in 'Nine'-photo


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  • ebru

    Ms.Sophia Lauren, I learned of all the informations about you from my mother.My mother is filled with admiration to you.My mother is just a fan of you.My mother told me ;''Ms.Sophia Lauren visited our country (Ankara-TURKEY).It was a great honour for Turkish people to see her in our country and Ms.Sophia Lauren became an International famous Star,in the year of 1960 and she has attracted respect as a Dramatic and Comedic Actress.During in the years,Sophia Lauren was one of the most popular,in the World.She made films in both U.S and Europe,acting with leading male Stars.Such as,Paul Newman,Marlon Brando,Marcello Mastroianni,Gregory Peck,Charlton Heston.The films were ''A Countess from Hong Kong,The Millionairess,Lady L,Arabesque and many others.In 1991,Sophia Lauren received'' the Academy Honorary Award for her contributions to the World Cinemas' treasures. In 1995,Sophia Lauren received '' the Golden Globe Cecil B.DeMille Award.'' Ms.Sophia Lauren;my mother told me that;''Sophia Lauren said this,''Everything you see,I owe to Spaghetti.'' My mother told me;Ms.Sophia Lauren's eyes can be found on the Italian wine Fattoria Paradiso bottles''. With my best regards-Ebru Dicle

  • conny5675

    its soo good, to see new stuff from him. He's one of the best. Good luck with your new film, Daniel. I'm looking forward to see it.. much love U ROCK

  • cb007

    As an intense actor Daniel day-Lewis, convinced me he was Christie Brown in My Left Foot. As himself.... Very Dry Humour (funny)