Jennifer Aniston to Present at Oscars?

Brace yourselves; the Best Drama award at this year’s Oscars may not have anything to do with any of the nominated films.

Star reports that Jennifer Aniston has been asked to present at this year’s Academy Awards, which could make for supremely awkward moments on stage, back stage and on the red carpet.

Among the nominees that Aniston might find herself doling little gold men out to include her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, and his current gal, Angelina Jolie. Pitt, 45, and Jolie, 33, are up for awards in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Changeling, respectively. As every celebrity-gossip devotee knows, there’s been bad blood between Aniston and Jolie.

If 39-year-old Marley & Me star Aniston happens to be in a brave mood that night, Jolie might come to regard the mangling and overlooking of her name at this year’s Golden Globes as one of the kinder things that’s happened to her lately.

Couple that with Jolie’s trigger-happy tendencies, and the show’s producers might want to triple up on security.

Hopefully Aniston’s boyfriend, 31-year-old troubadour John Mayer, will be able to keep the peace.

A source close to Mayer tells the magazine that John practically demanded that Aniston take the gig, insisting, “You’ve got to go. Why do you hide in this town? By presenting at the Oscars, you’ll tell the world: ‘I don’t care about Brad and Angie. I belong here, too.'”

Wow, how supportive!

Mayer just might have another trick up his sleeve—or on Jen’s finger—to deflect from the Aniston/Jolie acrimony. Rumor is that Mayer plans to propose to his girl when she turns 40 on February 11, meaning she’d have a big ol’ rock to flaunt during the awards show.

When the mag’s source asked Mayer if Jen would be sporting an engagement ring at the Oscars, he reportedly replied, “There will be a big story coming out of the Oscars that night—and it won’t be about the winners.”

No, of course not; if Aniston’s wearing a ring on the night of the Oscars, the headlines will be carrying news that John Mayer’s unprecedented sexual dry spell is finally over.

The Academy Awards will air Sunday, February 22.

Stock up on popcorn now; it’s bound to be interesting.