Miley Cyrus Is On a High Horse

Miley Cyrus Is On a High Horse-photo

Fresh off performing at last week's Kids Inaugural: We Are the Future concert and making her latest homemade video with pal Mandy Jiroux, 16-year-old Disney star Miley Cyrus got right back to business over the weekend.

Here she's pictured at a video shoot, riding a horse while wearing a flowy white dress in the woodsy Los Angeles area of Canyon Country.

The peace-sign-loving performer also had flowers in her hair at various intervals.

Miley steered clear of any Lady Godiva-type antics, however, during the shoot. She certainly has learned her lesson from posing sans clothing for a highly controversial Vanity Fair photo session last spring.

Check out this Hollywood.TV video of Miley horsing around:

What do you think of Miley's horsemanship?  Do you have any riding tips to leave in comments?



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  • horses rule bre and ally
    horses rule bre and ally

    miley we know ya love horses but do no swing ur leg like that . ndo natural horsemanship!!

  • Ashley

    i love miley and horses and want 2 b a pop star we have so much in comman

  • Andrea

    I love horses ever and Miley too ist perfect we both love horses :)

  • Rebecca

    hey ppl! She has been riding since she was two! Give her a break she was posing a camera for crying out loud! p.s. andtimeticksbye, u r right. u are supposed to swing your leg over the back not front.

  • andtimeticksbye

    Yeah, that's not really riding, and you get off horses with your leg going around the back not the front. Other than that she wasn't horrible at "walking" on a horse.

  • ebru

    Miss.Miley Cyrus, I would like to say something to you. The horses are very sensitive.When you are riding on a horse,first of all,your horse has to feel that,you like her ,very much and you have to be comfortable. You always whisper nice words to your white horse's ear and sometimes,you can give a sugar to your horse. You fondle your horse's neck very often. With my best wishes-Ebru Dicle

  • ebru

    Miss.Miley Cyrus, Just now,I saw this photograph,in the Celebuzz's Web Site. I liked your white horse,very much. With my best wishes-Ebru Dicle

  • juniwolfspirit

    Hmm... riding tips... well, she's not really riding, but she looks pretty comfortable up there! I wonder if she's ever ridden as a hobby... LOL nice dismount.