Naomi Watts Has Big Babies

Naomi Watts, 40, opened up to OK! about her secret to losing the baby weight. And it turns out that it’s not much of a secret at all. The key? Have a large baby. (Oh, and breastfeed.)

“I have big babies, so that’s a lot of weight right there,” she said.

Watts gave birth to son Samuel Kai, who came in at 7 lbs and 13 oz., on Dec. 13.

Samuel is here second child with actor companion Liev Schrieber, 41.

They already have one son, Alexander, who was born on July 25 in 2007 and weighed 8 lbs, 4 oz.

Much was made of Watts appearing to have lost the baby weight in mere days. Who knew it was so easy?

Speaking of babies, Schrieber mentions that the daughter of Naomi’s best friend, Nicole Kidman, little Sunday Rose, almost 1, is already putting the moves on their son Alexander!

“Sunday Rose is after our boy really heavy, and I think it’s kind of weird and early, and I think she should back off, slow down and get her act together before all that happens,” “Sabretooth” joked.

Sunday better watch herself. Alexander’s dad has a tendency to joke one minute and get grouchy the next!