VIDEO: Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum: Playdate in the Park

They’re both hot. They’re both moms. They’re both in show-biz. And they’re both hot show-biz moms.

So it makes sense that Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum fulfill their mommy duties in the same environment.

Bangin’ brunette Alba, 27, took her seven-month-old daughter Honor Marie Warren to Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills this weekend. Also in attendance: Teutonic supermodel Heidi Klum, 35, who was spending quality time with her tots Leni, 4, Gunther, 3, and Johan, 2.

No word on whether the two celeb breeders had a chance to chat while reveling in the great outdoors. From the smile on Alba’s face, she seemed to be enjoying herself immensely.  It’s not easy to get the Fantastic Four sourpuss to crack a grin. But hitting the park with her daughter seems to have a relaxing effect on Jessica.

Hopefully, if the moms did talk, Klum was able to dispense some matronly wisdom.  The German catwalker takes great pains to make sure her kids flex their creative muscles as well as kick back and have fun.

Talk about a well-balanced approach to life. And that can be a pretty rare attribute in the modeling world.

Check out the video below, of Heidi spending quality time with her kids at Coldwater Canyon Park yesterday, in the company of some seemingly random dude, courtesy of Hollywood.TV: