VIDEO: Miley Cyrus, Mandy Jiroux— Starved for Attention

Don’t the restaurants of Los Angeles know that a growing girl needs to eat?

Miley Cyrus, 16, and her gal-pal Mandy Jiroux, 21, lit out on the town in search of a hearty meal, only to be denied at several eateries, including Katsuya, on Sunday night.

The supposed reason? The restaurants claimed to be at capacity and had no room for the hungry roamers.

Don’t they know that Miley Cyrus just last week did a command performance for the President of the United States? And that she commands legions of the world’s most devoted fans?

Maybe if Miley had brought her pretty-boy beau, Justin Gaston, along, she would have been shown a little more love by the maitre d’s.

The rejected duo resumed their search for grub, finally found a table at Sushi Dan in Studio City. Luckily, before they collapsed into an undernourished, messy-haired heap.

With their bellies finally full, the duo merrily made their way to Starbucks, as evidenced in this  video from Hollywood.TV:

Perhaps this explains the mystery behind Lindsay Lohan’s recent alarming weight loss. If America’s reigning tweener queen can’t even get a seated at Hollywood’s restaurants, what chance does a chick whose career is on the skids have?