Daniel Craig Hit’s Speilberg’s ‘Tintin’

Daniel Craig is chasing a bit of that Johnny Depp franchise magic.

After tremendous success revitalizing the 007 brand, Craig is now on payroll with Steven Speilberg, suiting up as a pirate for the legendary director’s ambitious Tintin series.

Tintin ran in the late 1920’s as a comic strip, following the adventures of a Belgian reporter with a serious faux-hawk. It’s since been re-upped jointly by Paramount and Warner Bros. for a planned two films.

The first, under Speilberg’s watch, will pit Craig with grown-up Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell in the lead, as well as Brit funnyman Simon Pegg and InfamousToby Jones. The sequel will be handed off to Lord of the Rings master Peter Jackson.

As cameras started rolling yesterday in Los Angeles, Craig’s return to work makes winners out of everyone. Three grueling months on set can likely guarantee us another vacation.