Ellen DeGeneres Celebrates Her 51st with Portia

Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi enjoyed an evening together at the Chateau Marmont hotel last night to celebrate the talk show hostess’ 51st birthday!

Eleven-time Emmy winner and makeup spokesface Ellen found out that she shares the same birthday as her 87-year-old fan Junebug Borden of Land O’Lakes, WI. So she took some time on her show to give Mrs. Borden a call to acknowledge both their birthdays.

Mrs. Borden’s daughter wrote in to say that she enjoys “a splash” of Jack Daniels while watching the show, which caused Ellen to remark that drinking while watching does make it funnier.

Junebug noted that the wind chill in Land O’ Lakes is 20 degrees below zero to which Ellen replied, “That must be why you drink.”

“You’re so cute, that’s what I love about you!,” Mrs. Borden exclaimed.

Ellen’s wife Portia, 35, obviously thinks so to.

Portia, 35, and Ellen have been going strong as couple since 2004 and are obviously not letting a little thing like Proposition 8—the ballot which was voted into law that caused gay marriages in California to be invalid—stand in the way of their marriage vows, which they exchanged in August of last year.