Jennifer Love Hewitt: On-Set Romance?

Jennifer Love Hewitt: On-Set Romance?-photo

After a public broken engagement, could Jennifer Love Hewitt be seeking solace in the arms of costar Jamie Kennedy?

A Celebuzz source caught the two last weekend sharing an intimate dinner at Los Angeles' Pace, on the heels of tabloid reports accusing 29-year-old Hewitt of driving away her former fiance with neediness and insecurity.

Hewitt was to marry Scottish actor Ross McCall



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  • j4jlove

    OMG! This is so perfect!!! I love them together.... so cute!!! She deserves an awesomely cute and SUPER TALENTED guy-- finally!!! I'm going to watch JAMIE on the next episode of Ghost Whisperer really closely to see if I can spot any extra HEAT!!!!!!!

  • bdawggwlove

    Jamie is the man! For real! I hope he stays on the cast of Ghost Whisperer forever and by the looks of this..he will! Wooo hoo!

  • kmi

    WHY?? NOOO!!! If Ross isn't the one, then Davi Conrad but Jamie KennedY?? I don't think so!

  • REALbarbwire7

    I doubt it's true. They work together every day, and am pretty sure they are tight friends. It's too bad when things don't work out. But I'm not buying it.

  • Samantha

    Can you just stop making up rumor and leave Jennifer alone!!!

  • joni

    hay Ross if you and Jennifer won't work it out go ahead date Mandy Moore she sweetgirl.

  • Melanie

    I'm sure they were on a fun lunch date gee's. Also Love partied with the whole cast and not just Jamie, Get your facts straight. Didn't take you guys long to start more rumors eh.

  • chichilavie

    my sentiments exactly. Oh noes... O___O What the heck...Kennedy??? O__O NO WAY!! O_O

  • smokie

    Cue the train wreck sound!

  • Mee

    Oh noes... O___O What the heck...Kennedy??? O__O NO WAY!! O_O