Lady GaGa’s (Sorta) Naked Past

Lady GaGa is currently demonstrating her ability to top charts the world over, dazzle with her daring fashion tastes and—perhaps most noteable—turn 17-year-old David Archuleta’s face beet-red.

But it wasn’t always high-brow hijinks for 22-year-old GaGa, whose real name is Joanne Stefani Germanotta.

“I was a burlesque dancer in New York, (but I was) never naked—unless it was by accident,” GaGa tells U.K. mag New. “It was performance art.”

“I used to do it with my girl friend Lady Starlight,” the singer/fashion maverick continues. “We would wear matching bikinis and go-go dance to Black Sabbath records and Metallica and Pentagram, whatever it was that we were into at the time. And light hairspray on fire.”

Geez. That couldn’t have been good for the environment, Lady.

The pop singer topped the Australian and Canadian charts last fall with her infectious floor-filler, “Just Dance.”

The single has been atop both the U.S. and U.K. charts for the past three weeks. No small feat for an artist relying on pure pop in an age where the best-selling acts are rappers like Lil Wayne and T.I., along with tried-and-true rock bands such as Coldplay, AC/DC and Radiohead.

So perhaps it comes as somewhat of a revelation to find out that Germanotta is a bit of a headbanger.

“I love heavy metal,” she admits. “That’s really what I listen to now on my downtime.”

Rock on, lady.

And to help everyone else rock on, here’s the video for Lady GaGa’s new single, “Poker Face”: