Lindsay Lohan: Supposedly Eating Again

No need to worry about Lindsay Lohan; the Just My Luck actress isn’t in danger of wasting away. At least not completely. Or immediately. As far as her rep is concerned, anyway.

Page Six reports that the increasingly skeletal Lohan, 22, has indeed eaten something lately—despite reports that she and gal-pal DJ Samantha Ronson, 31, are in some kind of perverse competition to out-skinny each other.

“Lindsay is aware that she’s lost some weight due to stress, but we recently did a photo-shoot and she ate two full meals,” the paper reports Lohan’s rep as saying.

Whoa, two full meals? Somebody better warn Queen Latifah, because it sounds like Jenny Craig just might have a new celebrity pet project to set its sights on. 

Really, though, it’s nice to know that Lohan is using her mouth to do something besides pontificate about current events these days. But then, we always knew that LiLo had it in her.

Go ahead and embrace your inner gourmand, Linds; after all, that does seem to be all the rage in show-biz lately.