Did Tony Romo Cheat on Jessica Simpson?

Did Tony Romo Cheat on Jessica Simpson?-photo

It sounds like Jessica Simpson may have made yet another unfortunate relationship choice.

Star magazine reports that the 28-year-old singer/actress' boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, cheated on her earlier this month while she was out of town. The supposed deal went down on January 16, shortly after Simpson departed from Burbank airport.

Left to his own devices, the pigskin-tosser attended the invitation-only opening of Los Angeles club My House, accompanied by Laguna Beach's Stephen Colletti and Entourage actor Kevin Connolly.

As things wound down at the opening, Romo, also 28, invited a select group of revelers "back to my place"—which actually ended up being Simpson's home off of Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills.

While partyers made themselves at home on the ground floor, a source claims that Romo got cozy with a long-haired, olive-skinned brunette upstairs.

"Everyone was talking about it downstairs," the mole reveals. "The girls were saying it was so wrong and shady of Tony to cheat on Jessica—especially in her place! I just can't believe he would hook up with another woman at his own girlfriend's house."

Totally. And why should Romo look elsewhere for affection, when there's more of Jessica to love these days than ever?



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  • justkitten

    would be great if the 2 of them seperated for good then he Tony can go back to playing good football not distracted football and Jessica can go back to whatever it is that she calls singing.

  • thinkuknowme

    oh well if that is the worst he has done, then he has lived a pretty good life. haha he actually needs to find him self ,i love my cowboys but tony you got the money now you just an average quarterback.. you were better when you ass was broke. better wakeup before you find the bench. jessica is a ding dong but she sings good. is it chicken or fish

  • vpopadiuc87

    well they need to realize she sucks at singing and acting and he cant figure out which guy is actually on his own team ! i love the cowboys but he f*cken sucks !

  • Jessica Slutbox
    Jessica Slutbox

    SHUT UP, JESSICA SIMPSON!!!!! No one cares, bimbooooo!!!

  • sbaran

    Tony Homo is such a card.

  • bawwow

    who cares, what has jessica done in the last 5 years

  • alogicalperson

    Seriously, WHO THE HELL believes any of the s-h-i-t that sleaze rag the Star makes up. I sure hope Jessica is not insecure enough to believe it. Have they EVER written a story that is true?

  • chichilavie

    Awww, "more of Jessica." I mean the girl does look like she may have put on a few, but I bet you she isn't any bigger than a size 4. Which is NOT big people!!