Hugh Hefner’s New Twins Need Medical Marijuana?

Karissa and Kristina Shannon, the 19-year-old twins who are two-thirds of Hugh Hefner’s current girl trio, were spotted at a medical marijuana store in Los Angeles yesterday.

Is Hef ok? Medical marijuana can be prescribed for glaucoma, arthritis and to combat the effects of *gulp* chemotherapy.

Nothing is known at this writing of any medical conditions Hef has that might require the medicinal green stuff. Though, given that he’s 82, the possibilities are many.

Or maybe he just needs to mellow out after the Kendra Wilkinson debacle.

As for K and K, getting spotted buying dope is probably the last thing they need, even if it’s legal. Both of the twins have police records after being arrested and charged with felony aggravated battery in St. Petersburg, Florida, in January 2008.

The twins, who now reside in the Playboy Mansion and serve as Hef’s girlfriends along with 22-year-old psychology student Crystal Harris, were reported to have gotten into a brawl with two other people at a house party.

They were given probation and ordered to pay restitution by Florida courts.

And that’s not all: Karissa was also slapped with a misdemeanor battery charge in November 2007.

Huh; maybe the kush is for the girls, after all. If anyone could stand to mellow out a bit, it’s those two.