Mischa: Kiss Was ‘Purely Platonic’

Mischa Barton has taken to her official blog to clarify a kiss she shared with a female friend in France on Monday.

A pal of the actress planted a big kiss on Barton in Paris, where an elaborate bash was held in honor of the star’s 23rd birthday—cue media storm. 

“I was photographed at my 23rd birthday party engaging in what most of the gossip sites refer to as a ‘girl on girl kiss,'” Mischa writes, “I just wanted to take this moment to clear the air by saying that the kiss was purely platonic! We were joking around and it was taken out of context.”

Barton and the woman in question (model Irina Lazareanu) have become much closer while Mischa drops anchor in city, currently mobbed with fashionistas attending Haute Couture week.

“Since meeting a few months ago we have been spending a lot of time together…I guess you can say she’s become my Paris partner in crime,” the blog continues. While gorgeous, however, Lazareanu apparently can’t hold a candle to someone else in Mischa’s life.

“I haven’t switched teams. In fact, I have someone else that is keeping me occupied at the moment,” Barton said.

And while she hasn’t fully confirmed the romance, that someone would be rocker Luke Pritchard of The Kooks. First seen together around London in mid-December, Pritchard has managed to hold Mischa’s attention through the New Year.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Mischa has locked lips with another member of the fairer sex, as evidenced by the video below. Check out footage of Mischa laying one on Evan Rachel-Wood in the TV series Once and Again:

Check out Barton’s fashion faves in honor of couture week, as well.