Morning Buzz: Olivia Newton-John's Companion Faked Death?

Morning Buzz: Olivia Newton-John's Companion Faked Death?-photo

Olivia Newton-John's companion Patrick McDermott, who was believed drowned in 2005, is reportedly alive, according to private investigators. The Daily Mail reports that cameraman McDermott is believed to living on a boat along the Mexican coastline under an alias to avoid paying debts, and to allow his son to cash in on a $151,000 life insurance policy. He also owed thousands of dollars in child support to an ex-wife. McDermott was believed dead after chartering a fishing boat in California.

Meryl Streep has agreed to appear on NBC's SAG-award winning 30 Rock. Gatecrasher reports that the actress was approached by cast member Alec Baldwin while dancing at a SAG Awards afterparty. “Meryl was delighted with the idea of appearing on the show,” a source says. “She said yes immediately.”



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