No Joke: Joaquin's Rap Career a Hoax?

No Joke: Joaquin's Rap Career a Hoax?-photo

If it seems there's no rhyme or reason to Walk the Line actor Joaquin Pheonix suddenly ditching his respectable acting career to become a rapper, there could be good cause for that.

Snitches apparently close to the actor are telling Entertainment Weekly that Phoenix, 34, is just be trying to pull one over on the media's camera lenses.

Casey Affleck, who's married to Joaquin's sister Summer Phoenix, has been chronicling his brother-in-law's transition into the realm of hip hop.

But one insider claims, "[Phoenix] said, 'It's a put-on. I'm going to pretend to have a meltdown and change careers, and Casey is going to film it.'"

Pheonix is doing a spectacular job with the "meltdown" part; two weeks ago he gave a performance at Lavo in Las Vegas, wherein he maniacally bounced up and down while spitting rhymes, then fell off the stage.

Just don't expect the green MC to fall out of the supposed hoax anytime soon.

"He's going full out. He probably has told his reps that he's quit acting," says another EW source. "Joaquin is very smart. This is very conscious. He has a huge degree of control."

And if there is indeed any truth in the fiction—or vice-versa—we all may just have to wait for Affleck's movie to arrive before finding out.



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  • breyanna13

    This is not news to me! I knew he was pulling something from the beginning. I even predicted it would be a documentary. Probably about the screwed up media and people who follow. He's been my #1 fave since I was about 9. Almost 20 years ago! I LOVE HIM ALWAYS! P.S. sbaran Joaq played Commodus in Gladiator...not Maximus. Russell Crowe was Maximus!

  • sbaran

    Oh Maximus! How far you've fallen since Gladiator!