Pamela Anderson Gets Primal

Pamela Anderson, having definitely reached the point on the sex symbol scale marked “cougar,” was the guest of honor at “Most Wanted Saturday” at Primal nightclub in Atlanta over the weekend.

Airport scandal-fodder Anderson, 41, was billed as “The World’s Sexiest Woman” as well as a “Pop Icon & Living Legend.”

So who could resist watching her take advantage of copious amounts of free booze in the VIP area and using an off-the-shoulder shimmery top as a dress while sporting cat eyes for the occasion?

Or were those heavily made-up peepers trying to disguise too much partying?

And never let it be said that Pam doesn’t leave an impression on a guy.

Multi-divorcée Pam’s true love (and the father of her children) Tommy Lee, 46, was in Paris DJ-ing over the weekend and was spotted all over former Playmate of the Year, Victoria Silvstedt.

Wild party gal Victoria is, you guessed it, blond and busty. Much like Tommy’s ex-wife Pammy.

Lee was hired to spin at Paris’ posh VIP Room nightclub, and the Sun reports that he kept leaving the DJ booth to flirt with the blonde bombshell. Who mysteriously had matching bandages on both knees.

We’ll leave that part alone, but Victoria, 34, sounds like she’s Pam doppleganger minus a few years and plus a lot of Swedish.

That’s okay, though; Pam’s moved on. At least until her and Tommy’s paths cross again at a recital, Little League game or kids’ surfing competition.