VIDEO: Hayden Panettiere, A Thong For The Ride

Hayden Panettiere, who plays the invincible cheerleader Claire Bennett on NBC’s Heroes, was photographed horsing around on the set yesterday.

And as a result, the public is now privvy to the fact that she’s a thong girl.

Hayden, 19, thought she would go for a ride on the back of a gentleman who matches the description of co-star Adrian Pasdar from the back. He plays scheming (and flying) Senator Nathan Petrelli.

Unfortunately for her, the penny pincher’s tiny hoodie and shirt rode up, exposing her pink thong.

Either it got cold or she got wind of her slip, because Hayden was next seen clad in a very concealing winter coat behind the cameras.

In fact, the whole incident seems to have made Panettiere especially shy, as evidenced by the video below, courtesy of

Good to know that, despite all world-saving and falling from tall buildings and surviving, she’s still able to wear some frilly girl stuff. Even if she’d prefer to keep that fact to herself.