Lady GaGa’s Party Night: Before and After

Electropop singer Lady GaGa, 22, had seemingly conquered London last night, until London turned the tables.

GaGa took the stage to perform songs off her hit debut album The Fame at the city’s Maya Club.

Then it was off to Bungalow 8 to meet up with friends, including Lindsay Lohan’s possible future brother-in-law Mark Ronson.

David Archuleta fan GaGa, known for her eclectic fashion sense, struck out for the evening dressed in a flesh-colored vinyl skirt, black bra (obviously not having seen new London friend Paris Hilton’s chest lately) and black cloche hat.

Sometime during the evening, GaGa’s hat went bye-bye and she let her hair down. WAY down.

Speaking of her new friend, Paris and GaGa recently had a meeting of the minds at a Nokia 5800 party at the Punk club in Britain’s capital.

Hilton’s in town searching for a British counterpart to her “best friend” Brittany Flickinger and insisting she’s smart.

Paris gushed about GaGa to MTV.

“She writes all her own music and has a style that is so innovative and modern and futuristic that no one has even thought of it yet and I love that. She’s a trend-setter.”

Why doesn’t GaGa just become Paris’ new best friend? They have a similar taste in clothes…or a similar taste in very little clothing.