Gliding or Sliding? Kate Winslet Tops Jessica Simpson

So far, 2009 has definitely been kind to Revolutionary Road actress Kate Winslet. The 33-year-old won two Golden Globe Awards a few weeks back, has made the world squirm with jealousy over her super-close friendship with co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, and just had another fantastic week:

  • Over the weekend, Kate was given the Montecito Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, which is handed to actors who have given signficant performances in their career. 
  • Then she showed up to Sunday’s SAG Awards in a smokin’ hot dress, showing it off on stage for her fellow actors when she accepted the supporting actress award for The Reader.
  • She’s intelligent too! Her and hubby, director Sam Mendes, have a little trick they play on lady luck: they never fly on the same flight for the sake of their two kids, just in case the unthinkable ever happens! 

Jessica Simpson’s been keeping a low profile lately, playing second fiddle to her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. This week, however, was a hard one to swallow:

  • Jess performed at a KISS Country Chili Cookoff in Pembroke Pines, Florida, on Sunday. If the venue she performed at wasn’t embarassing enough, she didn’t look her best either. And, yeah, people noticed…
  • To make the girl feel even worse, just days later some reports surfaced that Tony might have cheated on her—in her OWN bed
  • Yet, her inner sources insist that she’s a size 25. Something doesn’t sound right…but, hey, if Jess is happy (and she looks it!), then let her be!