Jayden James Spears’ Pacifier Has Teeth


Kevin Federline’s two-month relationship with volleyball player Victoria Prince soared to new heights yesterday when she lit off for a Northern California vacation with K-Fed and his brood.

But perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of the gathering was the pacifier that Jayden James Spears, Federline’s two-year-old son with Britney Spears, was clutching in his mouth.

No, your eyes weren’t deceiving you; the pacifier appeared to have a set of overgrown chompers growing out of it.

Now it can be revealed: Jayden James was making use of the “Thumb Sucker” model pacifier from the Billy Bob Teeth Company.

Billy Bob Pacifier

The thumb sucker was conceived by Dr. Rich Bailey, the dentist who founded the company. He responded to the litany of boring pacificers out there by creating one decorated with hillbilly teeth.

And you can buy one for your own tot, for the reasonable price of $7. Baby-sized bottle of moonshine not included.