Jesse McCartney’s a Stunt Man Now

Jesse McCartney sure is a trouper.

The singer and “Bleeding Love” songwriter was out in the California desert yesterday, shooting his latest video, and instead of having a stuntman handle the dirty work, he did the danger duties himself, leaping from car to car in an action-adventure frenzy.

Doesn’t the 21-year-old know that a guy can get himself hurt that way?

Perhaps the fact that all his leaping eventually landed him on top of a video babe provided he necessary incentive for Jesse to take his life into his own hands.

Though McCartney took a tumble at one point, he didn’t sustain any injuries, perhaps because he was jacked up on the sugar-free Red Bull that he quaffed during the shoot.

Hey, sometimes a guy has to take a risk or two in the name of his career. Especially if he has the kind of lofty goals that Jesse does.