Kim Kardashian: Im Twice Jessica's Size

Kim Kardashian: Im Twice Jessica's Size-photo

Kim Kardashian is still frustrated with critics of Jessica Simpson and the fuller figure she's been flaunting of late.

While doing press to promote Leather & Laces, the Superbowl bash Kardashian is hosting in Tampa this Sunday, she claims "everyone seems to be asking me about Jessica Simpson's alleged weight gain."

The 28-year-old maintains she finds the jabbing "absolutely ridiculous!...She is not fat at all and I am actually offended people are giving her such a hard time over this."

Kardashian may be taking the taunting a bit personally because she feels she doubles the size of Tony Romo's main squeeze.

"I am probably twice Jessica's size," Kardashian blog, "so what do you guys think of me then?"

Other stars rushing to Jessica's defense include her brother-in-law, Pete Wentz.

Wentz, speaking with Extra, said "I think that the media puts too harsh of a spotlight on women in general and I think it's a bummer. It's bad for young women. I see it affecting young girls who come to our shows and that's a bummer. Real beauty is on the inside, man."

And Heidi "The Body" Klum tells People magazine that it's what Jessica can expect "when you're in the public eye. But people need to be happy with the way they are."



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  • p-p.hed

    Big Jessica! Holy Cow. I love it so much. Kim is silly-stupid. I take her from behind only. Love big Jessica!!! So sexy. I show her front wheel drive. You vampires stay away. Let her drink soo much!!

  • lils

    God. There's a slight difference between looking fat/unhealthy and having a fuller figure. Kim is not the typical skinny girl but her body is nice nonetheless. I think she should be proud of it, she does have a healthy appereance. Jessica on the other hand, she looks like she's been stuffing her stomach with junk food all day long. She doesn't need to look like a skeleton but I do think she needs to start eating properly, she looks very unhealthy.

  • johal1990

    I think Jessica looks Great!!!!

  • ddavenport
  • isabella

    kim has a nicer body and a prettier face then jessica she is not bigger in my opinion she has a tinier waist and very hourglass..jessica looks more like heftier something about her shoulders kim's shoulders are small...feminine