Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman: Catfight!

While both actresses could likely command top dollar for an on-screen catfight, both Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman are lending their claws for the sake of high art.

The stars, along with controversial film director Roman Polanski, have collaborated with Francesco Vezzoli, an Italian artist who specializes in faux advertising campaigns.

This time around, Vezzoli is making commentary on dramatic fragrance ads that feature stylized short films with A-list actors and directors (read: Nicole Kidman for Chanel, Charlize Theron for Dior.)

Portman and Williams star in “Greed,” which tells the tale of a villainous blonde Williams coveting raven-haired Portman’s precious bottled scent, resulting in romp on a hotel suite floor.

In stills released to DazedDigital.com, we can see the Academy Award-winning Polanski directing Williams on a stealth entrance and Portman on the perfect angle at which to rip out the Brokeback Mountain star’s hair.

The site even offers a teaser trailer for the film, to be screened on February 6th at Rome’s Gagosian Galler.

Reps for the gallery have been contacted to confirm that the stars and director will attend.