Robert Pattinson Vs. Kristen Stewart

In a bizarre twist of movie-release scheduling, Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be in direct competition soon, because their upcoming movies are being released on the same day.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Pattinson’s Little Ashes—in which the Twilight hunk plays surrealist painter Salvador Dali—and Stewart’s comedy Adventureland—about an amusement-park employee who learns important life lessons from his work environment—will both be released on March 27.

And even though they’re both making the big bucks these days, Pattinson, 22, and Stewart, 18, can’t be happy about the fact that they’ll be vying for the Twilight audience’s movie-going dollar.

Hopefully this won’t cause the castmates to be at each others’ throats while filming the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon—which, coincidentally, begins filming in March.

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