Rachel Weisz's Mysterious Hair Day

Rachel Weisz's Mysterious Hair Day-photo

Gray hair...it happens sooner or later!

But could that be why Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz braved the frosty New York City temperature and popped into a hair salon?

The 37-year-old Constant Gardener actress was snapped while walking into the beauty establishment. She wore a black North Face coat and white cap over hear head.

Once inside, the natural brunette was spotted in the window with hair dye on her roots.

Weisz, who is married to director Darren Aranofsky (The Wrestler), is getting ready to start shooting the Phillip Noyce film Dirt Music.

Rachel will appear in the flick opposite recent Golden Globe winner Colin Farrell and Russel Crowe.

Do you think the dye job was for Rachel's role in the movie, or to cover up her pesky grays?



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  • Nicky

    So Rachel is having her hair done. Almost every woman on the planet has her hair done in someway or another and the mysterious angle you are trying to put across is the fact that she might have gray hair? So you are saying that all women who go to have their hair done in a hair salon are growing old, that's what you are trying to say? God help us all, stupidity runs like water.

  • Kevin

    This is such a dumb article. Someone goes to have their hair done and all of a sudden they are growing old. Which is going to come next? Kate Winslet going to the bathroom and all of a sudden, she is having a divorce? Come on....

  • checket

    Are you guys serious? Rachel going to a hair saloon is a sigh of her having gray hair? First off, every woman goes to do their hair and put what ever application they want on it and second why would you even think that is even news worthy? I have stuff put in my roots of my hair just for effect, does that make people that I'm covering up gray hair? No. You guys are desperate for any kind of gossip.