Super Bowl Pals: ‘Subway Jared’ Meets Kim Kardashian in Tampa

Jared Fogle, the Subway spokesman who lost 245 pounds, celebrated 10 years of keeping the weight off with a commercial showing the many celebrities and well-wishers he’s met on his so-called “Tour de Pants” last March.

Now Fogle, who is known as “Subway Jared” and, simply, “The Subway Guy,” has a new claim to fame; hanging out with Kim Kardashian’s posse!

Kim, 28, flew to Tampa, Florida, to take part in the Pespi Smash Super Bowl Concert festivities, where she caught Rihanna and Fall Out Boy perform.

Here’s what the Keeping up with the Kardashians star had to say about meeting Jared on her blog: “My mom is here [in Tampa] working for The Insider so we made sure she was on our flight… Moves Magazine, in which Reggie [Bush] is an investor, was throwing their annual party and of course we all went.

“Jared from Subway stopped by to say ‘hi’. Reggie is sponsored by Subway and they have done commercials together!”

And speaking of shedding pounds, on Friday Kim weighed in on the brewing controversy over Jessica Simpson’s stockier frame during the singer’s recent public appearances.

“I am probably twice Jessica’s size,” Kardashian noted. “So what do you guys think of me then?”

Well, usually the word ‘hot’ comes to mind, so don’t sweat it, Kim!

Be sure to also check out the photo of Jared Fogle posing with Kim’s New Orleans Saints saints beau, Reggie Bush!