Jennifer Hudson Returns, Stuns Super Bowl

Jennifer Hudson Returns, Stuns Super Bowl-photo

After what amounted to being a heartbreaking and tumultous final few months of 2008 for pop star/actress Jennifer Hudson, the Oscar winner stepped back into the public eye at Sunday's Super Bowl to belt out "The Star-Spangled Banner."

It was a near pin-drop moment when 27-year-old Hudson, clad in a black jacket and white top, stepped onto the field at Tampa, Florida's Raymond James Stadium.

But the singer was not only pitch-perfect, she also gave a heartfelt, emotional performance that perhaps resonated moreso than others, given her recent, tragic circumstances.

Watch Jennifer sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" below:

Hudson has by and large avoided the spotlight since the shooting deaths of her mother, brother and nephew in late October.

A video shoot for the second single off her debut album was scrapped in December, and her rumored appearance at President Barack Obama's inauguration two weeks ago was also never realized.

However, it was announced in early January that the Dreamgirls star would indeed appear at the Super Bowl to sing the national anthem before the Pittsburgh Steelers took to the field against the Arizona Cardinals.

Another moving appearance before the game started was that of Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger of recently-downed US Airways flight 1549, who has largely become a media hero since diverting a possible disaster.

All members of the flight survived an emergency landing in New York's icy Hudson River in January.



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  • norma

    To Jennifer welcome back baby!! The only other words I have to say is simply Amazing.

  • eric

    Yes, Ms. Hudson was excellent to say the least. However, Whitney's performance was prerecorded and Jennifer rocked the house LIVE!!! She is a rare talent!

  • sabrinabryanrockzz

    Jennifer did a wonderful job as well as Faith Hill. Glad to se Jennifer back :)

  • Ming

    Wow, what a great perfomance. She didn't miss a note. So glad she took time out to grieve for her loss.

  • vern D
    vern D

    I actually missed her performance, but I viewed it on youtube. Wow!!!! Her vocals were amazing... By far the best rendition of the National Anthem. She was radiant and fully of God's spirit, it was so obvious. Such Tenancity she shows as a person. May God continue to bless her in her future endeavors.... Love her very much and prays she remains strong, positive & grounded.

  • Melissa

    This was the most heartfelt and gallant performance of the Star Spangled Banner that I have ever seen. Simply Beautiful.

  • monique

    It was beautiful. Hard to believe she was voted off American Idol. This was the second best rendition after Whitney Houston's .

  • buzzgent

    I cried, too....right into my baked potato, chicken wings and nachos.

  • Carole Ann
    Carole Ann

    Jennifer made me cry. What an awesome voice she has.

  • Inshocked

    The best damn performance of the SPB this entire decade!

  • chichilavie

    she's so great.